We created the infamous "Xfer" 1.56mbps card.

The fastest Dreamcast serial card:

With this card Dan's 'Stars' demo in original 750kbyte+ SREC format transfers in about 5 seconds or less! (Using the normal serial devkit this takes 2 mins 20 seconds!)

The card was extremely popular, many "famous" names in the DC scene bought them - we even sold a couple to Sega themselves!

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT have either the Katana or WindowsCE devkits for the DC, ALL the software that will appear on this site will NOT require them. All information is being gathered through reverse-engineering the console. Any disc images or programs on this website will NOT require you to have any official devkit or the Utopia Boot CD.


* There are no complicated MAXIM chips to find or connect to!
* You do NOT have to modify your dreamcast in order for this devcard to work.
* This card can TX and RX at the fastest speed the DC serial ports can go.
* Uses normally unused PC memory locations (com port 8)
* ISA card
* NOT automatically detected and messed with by Windoze! ;)
* Uses NO interrupt or DMA resources on the PC!!!
* Concurrent transfer at full speed possible!
* Pro card has two 1.56mbps ports for developing on two machines at the same time!

Links for instructions on how to make your own DCXfer devkit:

How to make your own DCXfer card

How to make your own DCXfer transfer lead

The DCXfer PC and Dreamcast transfer utility programs

DCXfer card, this actual card was bought by "Thomas Franz".

DCXferPro card, this actual card was bought by "Brian Peek".