Deluxe Pixel Limited was formed in May 2019, it annually acquires the rights to distribute software and hardware projects created by Anthony Ball. It also annually acquires the rights to use the brand names 'Kage', 'Double Dutch Designs', 'SinisterSoft' and 'RetroCoder' from Anthony.

Most of the people at Deluxe Pixel are originally from the Arcade and Video game industry. Game companies involved include CAPCOM, RARE/ZIPPO GAMES, US GOLD, TIERTEX, MILTON BRADLEY (MB GAMES), PSYGNOSIS among others...

Here are some fun photos:

Addicted to Amazon! 1/3

Anthony's mum discovered Amazon and quickly became addicted.

Addicted to Amazon! 2/3

These are amazing real pictues of how many...

Addicted to Amazon! 3/3

...books she bought in a matter of weeks!!!

Fun at the fair! 1/2

Anthony, Faye, Joseph and Joshua...

Fun at the fair! 2/2

...on a fairground ride

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