How to make your own DCXfer transfer lead:

To us the card you first have to make a transfer lead (a "soopadoopa" lead!) using an original NEOGEO to Dreamcast lead.

Although all cards are tested at 1.562mbps before shipping, some batches of DC in combination with some of the chips on the card and DC->NEO boxes may have problems in the fastest speed. This occurs when transfering data from DC to PC, if you have problems use the dcexe /n1 switch to slow the card down to 781kbps.

Problems with the lead?

Experimenting with changing the resistance of the 110 ohm resistors can usually resolve the problem...

Thomas Franz did a modification to use variable resistors to find a good transfer, click here for the mod details.

James Dexter's Smokin' "Do It Yourself" lead tutorial:

We recommend that you follow James' pictures as it looks like the best way to build the cable...

The circuit:


This is me, James Dexter... *NOT* smokin' after making my lead and getting my "Xfer" card! :) And yes - I am getting sponsored by a "leading" fabric conditioning manufacturer!

DIY tutorial, part 1/3

These are the 110 ohm resistors (from pins con1-5 and con1-3) that go to 5v (con2-1)...

DIY tutorial, part 2/3

This is the addition of the 1k resistors (from pins con1-2 and con1-6) that go to ground (con1-4)...

DIY tutorial, part 3/3

This is the inline pair of diodes that use the black and green wires (pins con1-2 and con1-6)! The hard bit has been done, the rest is up to you! ;)

Anthony's prototype DC lead!!!

He always builds things like this and they tend to work!!! :( Look at the old maxim chip he keeps there "just in case"!!!