Spectrum Emulator

60FPS emulation of the Spectrum computer.

Runs games full speed without any skipping, sound is 95% accurate.

This emulator runs original games at full speed without any frame drops on a humble PSX!

The Spectum emulator uses a very useful PSX sound chip bug discovered here at SinisterSoft. This bug allows you to "pulse" the TV speaker in much the same way as the Spectrum does. The problem is that unlike the Spectrum, the PSX pulls back the speaker straight away. The result is that the Spectrum produces something like square waves and the psx produces something like sawtooth(ish) waves. Reverb effects may get the sound more like the real Spectrum, we just don't know at present.


Press SELECT and X for 60hz
Press SELECT and O for 50hz
Press SELECT and L1 for wide mode
Press SELECT and R1 for narrow (spectrum border) mode
Press SELECT and UDLR to reposition screen
Use our keyboard interface to type in programs!!!
Press Shift for CAPS SHIFT
Press Alt Gr for SYMBOL SHIFT