A BASIC language interpreter for the PSX.

A BASIC language interpreter and devkit written in MIPS assembly code for the PSX, never got past beta - but here is in case you would like a look...

This release requires our PSX keyboard and a Caetla modified cartridge to run - these are common place, or at least they were! ;)

Download here.

* 100% MIPS assembly code
* Extremely fast due to semi-compilation
* Immediate mode, for trying commands
* Syntax checking and highlighting
* Shortcut system, eg G. for Goto
* Integer, fixed and floating point maths
* Different number bases, eg $10 is 16
* Full 80's style BASIC language
* Font commands
* Sprite commands
* Textured polygons
* Map drawing commands
* Multiple map layers, like Sonic, etc
* Different graphic modes
* Speech generator
* 24 channel sound channel output
* 24-bit colour commands

We have been looking through our old test versions, here are some video memory "grabs" of older versions of the BASIC - noticed the different screen modes: