Mobile Check

Divert to a completely different website if accessed on a mobile phone.

A quick and easy javascript hack!

Most of the time you can accomodate both mobile and desktop users on the same website by changing some CSS code.

Sometimes however, you may want to point mobile users to something completely different, for example you could have a web app that looks great for desktop, but for mobiles it would be better being directed to a page that links to an app store.

This quick javascript hack is for those occasions...

PLEASE NOTE: You need to change the text in the code that points to my website ( to your website!

Just copy the javascript code to the beginning of the 'head' section of your website.

It works!

* Tested on every mobile I could find!
* Tested on every desktop browser I could find!


I've tested it on, this website loads an app if using a desktop browser and redirects to a different URL if using a mobile browser.

Links to code:

The javascript code in a text file.

Divert a website if accessed on a mobile.".