LiteTrakker is a membership and switch monitoring system written in 100% assembly language. It was very popular in Pool halls in the North of England in the 90's.

How did it work?

LiteTrakker automatically tracked when a light above a pool table was turned on and off, then printed a bill of time for the customer. It tracked the lights using a special ISA card that was wired to the lighting system, you could also use the function keys of the PC to override the switches. It was very flexible, you could set different rates for each hour of each day for the whole year. The club membership system was added to track who used which table at what time, so that damages could be tracked.

Sounds great! I want to buy it...

LiteTrakker is DOS only and is no longer supported. If there is much demand to make a Windows version then this will be considered. You can actually use LiteTrakker for free, if you just want to track lights manually using the function keys...

Download LiteTrakker V1.091 here.

Don't forget the program is DOS only, it will not run in any variety of windows at all.

Files created by the program:

LiteTrakker creates a directory called 'Trakker.Dat', this holds all the data files used by the program. The data files start with the name 'Trakker' or 'TrakBak', the 'Trakker' files are current data, while the 'TrakBak' files are a copy of the last 'Trakker' files (just in case). There are several types of file within these two groups. They can be recognised by the file extender:

The last report in standard ASCII text format
Encoded rate information
Encoded timezone information
Encoded preferences (could also be encypted)
Encoded log of all events
Encoded club membership information
Encoded lite recovery information
Encoded history recovery information
Encoded internal program variable recovery information
Import/Export data in standard comma seperated value format