Important: There are no 'ROMS' provided here and you will need some form of 'DevKit' to run this emulator.

Full 60FPS emulation of the Invaders arcade board for the PSX.

So far we have only tested about 35 titles, they work without problems. Duel Shock Analogue pad should be used for analogue games (red light on!)

This emulator runs original ROMS at full speed without any frame drops on a humble PSX!

DOWNLOAD INVADERS V1.08 (loads of variants!!!)

The ".io" file contains 4 bytes (no more, no less!)...

Byte 1 - Input port type (0-4)
Byte 2 - Output port type (0-2)
Byte 3 - Video orientation (0-3) + bit 6=allow red and bit 7=colourise
Byte 4 - Sound sample set (0)!!!