Important: There are no 'ROMS' provided here and you will need some form of 'DevKit' to run this emulator.

60FPS emulation of the Galaxian arcade board for the PSX.

Runs games that have galaxian sized graphic files, Sound is 20% - just firing and noise effects.

This emulator runs original ROMS at full speed without any frame drops on a humble PSX!


Like the Invaders and Phoenix emulators you can make your own batch files, this extends the number of games that the emulator will run. As with Invaders, a ".io" file can be used to select the input and output memory maps, and change various operating parameters. The ".io" file is 4 bytes long (no more, no less)!!!

Byte 1 - [bit 0 - stars on, bit 1 - scroll stars, bit 4 - small bullets, bit 7 - decrypt code]
Byte 2 - Number of graphic files (of size $800)
Byte 3 - Input memory map (0-3)
Byte 4 - Output memory map (0-2)