You can load in multiple images, either one by one or all at once.

Image types supported now: png, jpeg, jpeg 2000, bmp, tga, tif, gif

Soon: iff, degas

If anyone has some sample iff and/or pi1, pi2, pi3 (degas) images then please can you let me know so I can test?

Keyboard commands:

New things to try:

Load in a few images, use the menu to get them their own windows, close the windows to bring them back to the main window.

Brushes will now load, but they don't plot on the screen yet.

Menu items for page scale and fat pixels.

Transparent images have a standard 'transparent' grid behind them.

Magnify now has a scaled up version of the transparency grid, looks much better.

Magnify keys now also work when you split magnify off into it's own window.

Download V0.07 of DPixel here.

Early to do list:


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