Ants Assembler Editor

Warning: Ants is a work in progress!

Ants is a specialist Z80 code editor that will display cycle time and opcodes in the left margin.

Download V0.01 of Ants here.

Command line:

Although it's a full windows program, Ants can also be started from the command line. Command line commands start with a '/' with and optional parameter for the command. If not a command then it's assumed it's a file.

e.g. Ants file1.asm file2.asm /dark

/darkStarts in dark mode

Things to try:

  • Printing, see the File menu.
  • Dragging in files and text.
  • Saving and loading.
  • Editor split screen.

Early to do list:

  • The opcodes!
  • The cycle times
  • Configure (for different assemblers and devkits)


You can join our forum if you have any questions, suggestions, etc regarding Ants...